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A Bridge to the West

In the pioneer times, Adams County, Ohio was a stop on the road to the Northwest Territory and beyond.

Unfortunately, a courthouse fire in 1910 destroyed almost all probate and common pleas records found essential to research. The Adams County Society was formed in 1978 to collect, preserve, and make accessible all remaining data that could be found. Our society has compiled cemetery, obituary, Bible, marriage, newspaper, and census records. Plus, we continue to add reference books to our library, both local and those areas our ancestors left. We retain all correspondences or shared information from the public and members, on various Surnames. We call them our Family Files. A first time patron, is usually surprised and overwhelmed by the magnitude of resources our small library comprises. 

Preserving the Past, while Encouraging the Future

In order to foster an interest in genealogy, we support our young people in 4-H genealogy projects, encourage school groups to make use of our facilities, and have an ongoing outreach program with Venture Productions, a place to enrich lives and empowering people with disabilities.

In the past, we have had displays at the Redbud Festival and at the Adams County Fair. We have also, sponsored other displays and workshops, along with in-house genealogical workshops. We continue to honor the hard work of our researchers with our “Honoring Our Adams County Ancestors” program. There are now four different ways to honor an ancestor. 

“Honoring Our Adams County Ancestors”

Pioneers’ Flatboat, originally published in black and white in The Century Magazine (volume 92, May to October, 1916). Wood engraving by Alfred Waud

Professional Services

We offer professional research services, which takes time energy, and many times, the knowledge to know just where to find the answer to the question at hand. We can offer you a quote, and then require payment upfront. The money goes to the organization, not to the wonderful volunteers that are fulfilling your requests.

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Quick Questions

We do accept and quickly reply to emails that have short easy questions, like “Is John Smith buried in this cemetery?” Or “Do you have records on X? As, I would like to research at your library.” Please, feel free to email us, if we think your request will be more than a five minute peruse through some data, we will reply with how much time and money your search will take. 

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Library Usage

Our library holding are available twice a week, Thursday and Saturday, Noon to 4, or by appointment. Special library hours can be arranged for those visiting from out of town. Please call Becky Reed at (937) 217–1897 or Ethel Chambers at (937) 386–2309 to arrange special hours. If we are unavailable, please leave a message, and your call will be returned. A $10 donation is requested when opening during special hours to help offset the cost of utilities.